David Boersma

David Boersma

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I am a researcher at Uppsala University. I have lived in Sweden since August 2012. I have tried to teach myself Swedish from a set of books (lessons, grammar overview, pronunciation guide, etc). At work I barely get to practice my Swedish: all my colleagues and students speak English, and most of the time the topic of conversation is too important to be experimenting with my poor Swedish. I sing in a choir, where I do get immersed in a completely Swedish speaking environment, but of course I'm listening most of the time to the conducting (or singing), and I still am not forced to speak Swedish. I think I really need active speaking practice in order to make some essential progress such that I can also use Swedish more effectively in practical situations and conversations with those rare Swedes who do *not* speak Swedish so well (like the janitor of my apartment building). And eventually also with all my Swedish friends, of course. :)

I would also like to learn other languages (like Russian, Spanish, Italian and French) but right now Swedish is the top priority.



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